Hanfa Group participated in the exhibition in the US city of Las Vegas


In October 2016, Hanfa Group took part in the Las Vegas exhibition,the top of our company paid high attention to this exhibition,because the American market is one of our major markets,In order to improve Hanfa's awareness of our drilling machine in the us market,bring our new drilling rigs to the American market ,made more foreign customers deserve high-quality service of Hanfa company, our general manager Mr.Vincent ,sales manager miss.liu and our engineers to Las Vegas, popularize knowledge of our drilling rig to foreign clients.

Zhengzhou Hanfa Prospecting Machinery Co., Ltd.
Hundreds of customers from many countries, visited our booth,made a detailed inquiry about our products,our sales staff and engineers to do the detailed solutions which customer questions about the drilling machine ,many customers showed interested in our products,and gave a high evaluation to our service team,and looking forward to discuss further cooperation with Hanfa Group. 

Zhengzhou Hanfa Prospecting Machinery Co., Ltd.

Zhengzhou Hanfa Prospecting Machinery Co., Ltd.

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