Hanfa Group held a fire knowledge training


 “Cherish life, away from the fire” theme event was held at the conference room in our company at 14:00 PM on February 13th, 2017.
Zhengzhou Hanfa Prospecting Machinery Co., Ltd.
In order to improve staff awareness of fire, eliminate fire hazard, our company had prepared a fire knowledge training, Mr.xu,the training Instructor,patient carefully analyzed several kinds of cause of the fire in combination with the fire accidents in recent years at the meeting, explained the use of the fire fighting equipment and fire rescue equipment, and how to respond calmly when meet with fire, need to be nipped in the bud.all staffs listened carefully to the instructors 'explain and actively communicated with instructor Mr.xu.
Zhengzhou Hanfa Prospecting Machinery Co., Ltd.
Through the training, improved the fire safety consciousness of all staff,we will spread popularize knowledge of fire to the larger population, make a contribution to social fire safety.

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